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Troubleshooting Showers

Showers come in all shapes, sizes, and types but share the same basic characteristics. Because of their design, showers don’t harbor a lot of potential for baffling problems. This is not to say, however, that showers can’t cause a lot of trouble. While showers don’t offer many possibilities for problems, they can be difficult to troubleshoot and to work on.

Unlike bathtubs, where an access panel allows some visibility to the drainage area, the traps and drain pipes for showers are usually inaccessible. Pan-type showers can be a plumber’s worst nightmare, and shower curtains can create some perplexing problems.

What Can Go Wrong with a Shower?

There aren’t a lot of plumbing problems associated with showers, but the damage that a shower can do can be extensive. If a shower pan is leaking, it can be confused with a leaky drain. A shower arm with deteriorated threads can avoid detection from all but the best of plumbers. Showers with tile walls can present plenty of challenge for finding the cause of a leak, and shower doors and curtains can confuse the issue of troubleshooting.
Many water problems with showers are related to the users of the showers. While these problems are not pure plumbing problems, plumbers are responsible for finding the causes. Let’s move on now to specific situations and see how you can improve your troubleshooting effectiveness when dealing with showers.plumbers san antonio

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